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2018 Aya Rouge (綾ルージュ)








2018 Aya Rouge – Second Vintage

(Red Wine/Dry/750 ml/Alc 9%)

Merlot base with a mixed ferment of unique German varieties Dornfelder, Regent, and Accent, among others. In contrast to the year prior, we destemmed only half of the crop, opting for a fifty percent whole bunch mix. Wild yeast fermented over a month and a half at over 20℃. The resulting wine is a refined purple, with notable blackberry, dried plum, and cassis aromas. A mellow wine that won’t overpower the delicate flavors of Japanese cuisine.


Region: Aya, Miyazaki Prefecture

Varieties: Merlot, Dornfelder, Regent, Accent, etc.

Suggested serving temperature 15℃-18℃

Production: 1412 bottles


2018 Aya Rouge

  • 2018年は、昼と夜の寒暖差の大きい春から始まり、ブドウ栽培には最高のスタートとなりました。4月~5月は天気の良い日が続き、花房が沢山なりました。開花、結実の期間も比較的雨が少なく、栽培管理を効率よく進めることができました。ブドウの木もだんだんと成長していて、前年度に比べ、多くのブドウがなり、生産量が順調に上がってきました。しかも6月~7月は、梅雨の時期にも関わらず、良い天気が続き、雨が少ない珍しい月となりました。7月下旬から、徐々に台風の発生が増えてきましたが、宮崎県を反れていくものが多く、大雨、暴風などの被害は最小限でした。8月に入り、ブドウは甘さを増していきます。8月中旬から下旬にかけて、予定どおりの収穫開始となりました。






    2018 Vintage Report

    The 2018 growing season began with warm days and cool nights, perfect for grapes. April and May saw excellent weather, with plentiful bud break and relatively little rain. The young vines grew a fair amount compared to last year, and led to a rise in kilos produced. The rainy season began late, and we enjoyed an extended period of sunny days. When the typhoons began coming, they thankfully veered out of Miyazaki’s path and there was little damage. In July and August we experienced normal weather patterns leading up to the harvest.


    Compared to last year, we were able to produce healthy grapes with a considerable reduction in disease, leading to an over two times increase in yields. Thanks to the careful and patient help from our supporters, we began skin contact fermentation. We conducted a slow wild-yeast fermentation over the period of a month and a half, and, in combination with the increase in quality over last year’s harvest, were able to produce a clean wine we hope you will enjoy.


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